Where’s the best place to buy children’s clothes in Dubai?

Where’s the best place to buy baby clothes in Dubai?

As a mother I continuously struggle to find good quality baby clothes in Dubai clothes at great prices for my kids.  And I am pretty sure that I’m not alone!

I’ve lived in Dubai for the last four years and I have to tell you that buying clothes for babies and kids in the UAE is not that easy.

With so many stores charging crazy prices for their baby clothes in Dubai it’s never been harder to find the right clothes in the right sizes for the right price in this place.

photo of Baby Clothes Dubai
Baby Clothes Dubai

So I thought I would put together a quick guide and some recommendations on where you can buy your children’s clothes here.

Let me tell you that I have three children from the ages of two years to eight years old.  So as you can see I have a work cut out for me.

The baby shops and buy although I’ll really good in terms of the quality of the clothing they are not the cheapest.  I have found after painfully struggling to find the best children’s clothes I have resulted in purchasing all my kids clothes online.

When you go onto Google you will be bombarded with special offers numerous amounts websites selling children’s clothes and believe me I have learnt the hard way when buying baby clothes online.

After ordering kids clothes online I’ve ended up with the wrong colours, the wrong sizes and some really poor quality products.

One website stood out for me is called Wonder kids.  This website is not only easy for a busy man like me to use but also offer some of the best quarter clothing at the right prices.

Wonder Kids has a wide selection of baby clothes, kids clothes, baby accessories and also A nice range of toys.

I have been using this particular website for the last two years and it has never let me down yet. This website has regular special offers that can really help mums and parents like you and me to save money and get great clothes for our children.

Another couple websites that I found fairly good however not the best were the Babyshop and Littlesouq.

So if you’re looking to buy baby clothes in Dubai or kids toys online  in Dubai and I highly recommend that you head over to wonderkids.me and take a look around at their wide range of children’s clothing.