5 Benefits of Dokha Tobacco

5 Benefits of Dokha Tobacco

The use of all types of tobacco is known to be cancerous and lethal for smokers. A traditional tobacco in a few Middle East nations, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE, Dokha is regarded as a far safer option for the health by many.

In the last few years, smoking of Dokha has become increasingly popular among teens in the Middle East and is catching up fast with the other parts of the world.

It offers a completely different experience of smoking, and has been found to be more satisfying that any other form of tobacco due to the following benefits.

More satisfaction

The dokha tobacco happens to have more potency than any other type of tobacco.

Smokers report that they get a more satisfying “rush” from the smoking of this kind of tobacco. The experience varies from anything else.



Reduced mess

Smokers can only smoke a small amount of Dokha in order to get a satisfying experience. Thus, there will not be any cigar or cigarette butt and you get little or no ash on your dress, floor or furniture.

There will not be any strong smell of tobacco from your mouth or clothes. You can smoke without being found out by your loved ones and other people.

More time

You do not have to waste as much time in smoking Dokha as with traditional cigarettes, pipes or cigars.

You can fill Dokha in your medwakh in as short times as 30 seconds. This will give you a more satisfying tobacco smoking experience.

However, if you want a longer experience all that you have to do is to pack your medwakh pipe again and get longer pleasure.

Medwakh pipes
Medwakh pipes

Lower expenses

Just one dokha tobacco container on an average amounts to 0.6 ounces or 15 grams of the tobacco and you can easily understand the number of smokes you can enjoy.

You will be able to smoke around 95 – 120 times with just a single regular dokha bottle. This will offer you the opportunity to enjoy tobacco of a more premium form and also save some money alongside.


Better health

Dokha is a more natural and organic form of tobacco and you will have to smoke less of the tobacco anyway in order to enjoy similar or better satisfaction.

Even if you smoke in the same pattern, your lungs will get less amount of tar from the filtered medwakh. Also, dokha does not contain some of the chemical additives, which are present in most cigarette papers and cigarettes.

However, it is still a form of smoking so it still carries similar risks and dangers to that of other tobacco smoke.