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Product Photography Expert in Dubai Explains The Window Light Technique

We are delighted to have Mark Evans from Upload International web design and online marketing services in Dubai with us today to provide some excellent advice in regards to product photography techniques that our readers can use to photograph their products for their websites.

So without further delay, here is Mark…

Among the many methods and techniques used in product photography, the Window Light Technique is the most commonly used because it involves simple procedures while providing high-quality photographs for most product types.

The following equipment and suggestions are part of this technique.

Choose a Camera

Any Canon or Nikon camera can be used especially those that can capture videos.

Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras have become more affordable.  A normal 50mm lens is good enough but for close-ups and shooting jewellery images, a 105 mm is more useful.

The myth that ‘the camera takes the pictures’ has been blasted out because in essence a photograph is a series of good decisions of factors including exposure, lighting, styling and post-processing.

Even iPhone cameras, with 8-mega pixel cameras are being used to shoot professional photographs.

Get a Tripod

this may sound technical but a tripod can reduce blurry images from a hand-held camera.

Lights – good lighting is very essential; of course, the top option would be natural lighting because it produces great results.

In its absence, a kit that provides two lights, attachable diffuser squares and tripods is very useful.

What is important however is to get lights that will allow operation in ‘continuous’ mode against flash only option.

Photo setup – a neutral grey or white continuous background brings the most professional look and the best images.

Using a table, few rolls of craft paper, some metal clamps a suitable background can be created.

The setup can be placed near a wide window where sunlight provides natural lighting or a tabletop photography kit can be used for indoor shooting.

product photography

Wide aperture

this is the opening that allows light into the camera lens and is specified by an ‘f’ number.  A smaller ‘f’ number means a wider aperture which produces a narrow depth of field making products look richer and the photos very professional, particularly useful in shooting images of electronic products.

The camera has to be set in aperture priority mode to be able to do this.  Narrow apertures produce wider depth of image more suited to outdoor images.

Besides these, other important factors include:

Being mindful of shadows – harsh backlighting can cause shadows on the surface of the product, hence lighting has to be set up on the same side as the camera or slightly to the left or right.

Cleaning lenses – dust, grime or even a light fingerprint on the lens can produce poor image results.  Using microfiber rags to wipe down all equipment before use is important.

Experimenting – being creative and experimenting new angles and lighting can help understand the process better.  It can also lead to developing a new hobby or profession.

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